Fish market mecca dream of Port MP

Old Billingsgate Fish Market
Old Billingsgate Fish Market

Fleetwood’s MP has spoken out again in his battle to see a northern ‘Billingsgate Market’ set up in the port.

Billingsgate is a renowned, 13-acre fish market based in London, that brings in fish from across the county for trading.

Now MP Eric Ollerenshaw wants to create a northern equivalent, which he says could “revitalise” the local economy.

Speaking in a debate in Parliament, he said: “Fleetwood still has thriving fish processing businesses, which export all over the world.

“But these businesses are small, and they are in poor buildings and in poor conditions. There is the potential to bring them together in a new Billingsgate of the north, with proposals from Wyre Council that would be a game-changer in terms of adding to new employment and new skills in the area.

“I am asking today for support from Ministers in guiding the council to where it can access those funds.”