Bus ploughs into shelter – again!

The carnage after the Number 9 bus crashed into a bus shelter in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys
The carnage after the Number 9 bus crashed into a bus shelter in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys

AN investigation has been launched after a double decker smashed into a Cleveleys bus shelter – destroying it for the second time in three years.

Glass rained down on those waiting for the bus which struck the shelter on Victoria Road West, leaving one teenager with a nasty head wound.

Eyewitnesses and local business owners said they were amazed no one was killed in the terrifying crash – a carbon copy of one three years ago when another Blackpool Transport bus hit the shelter.

A 17-year-old girl was taken to hospital with a head wound after the Number 9 bus struck the shelter last Wednesday at 10am.

Business owners and shoppers rushed to the aid of the three people at the bus stop and a further eight nearby who were hit by flying glass.

Stuart Kinsella from Bispham, who was in the shelter when the accident happened, said: “The bus came around the one-way system and collided with the shelter.

“Every pane of glass shattered and a lady got hurt – it was scary

“The girl next to me was taken into the cafeteria with blood all over her face. You don’t think things like this will happen to you.”

Eyewitness Beryl Williams, from Cleveleys, said: “I’m amazed no one’s more seriously hurt. It could have killed everyone standing there. It’s not right – especially when it’s happened before.”

Simon Mitchell of Eclipse Entertainment, which is opposite the shelter, said: “The fact that no-one has been killed is amazing.

The shelter was destroyed in April 2008 and two teenage girls narrowly escaped injury after a Number 11 bus bound for St Annes hit it.

In January the same year, two 17-year-olds were left trapped after a car hit a shelter on Rossall Road.

Trevor Roberts of Blackpool Transport said: “There will be an internal investigation into how the accident occurred. As part of that we will be looking into the site of the shelter.”