Book in a box brings world to novel life

When St Mary's Catholic Primary School held a day of book celebration, the parents were invited too.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 11:00 am
St Mary's Catholic Primary School World Book Day

The children took part in a variety of activities as part of the port’s Year of Reading including a book in a box competition.

The youngsters were asked to get really creative by expressing their favourite books in a simple box by making characters, constructing scenes and designing props to bring their novels to life.

Parents played a huge role too by joining their children in a reading session looking at books their enjoyed when they were at school.

Deputy headteacher Margaret Bottomley said: “It was a wonderful day and we have a fabulous reading display in the school entrance with parents pictures.”

One parent said: “I had a fabulous time at St Mary’s for World Book Day.

“I loved the opportunity to come into school to see my child learn and have the chance to read to him and other children. it was a fantastic morning.”