Bid to bring visitors back to town’s beach

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A FRESH campaign is being mounted to turn Fleetwood’s beach back into a tourist attraction.

A conservation order on the area closest to the town centre has meant the beach has been invaded by sand dunes, marram grass and weeds.

Sand is now piled up to the level of the Esplanade and, it is claimed, this is deterring people from enjoying the area.

Councillors, trades people and Fleetwood MP Eric Ollerenshaw are due to meet in the area to discuss possible remedies.

Coun Ron Shewan is leading an approach to Natural England who could support changes to the stretch, making it a site of special scientific interest.

He said: “The grass is right up to the seafront now – it’s an absolute disgrace.

“I have a collection of old photographs which show how the area used to be.

“Historically it was clear, a recreational beach.

“Now there are even sycamore trees growing there.

“There are protected species like Sea Holly but even they will be taken over by the weeds.

“This is doing nobody any good. It’s ruining the seafront at Fleetwood.

“We are getting a new tram terminal but people will take one look at the beach, see the mess and walk away and get back on the trams out of town.

“We have to make our seafront attractive again. “It’s one of the most important things if we are going to regenerate the town.

“There are business people who have stuck their necks out to support the town and I think we ought to stick our necks out to support them.”

Craig McOmish, who has three seafront kiosks in the Fleetwood area, said it would help his businesses if people were drawn back to the seafront.

And he said customers had spoken to him about the state of the beach.

He added: “The beach is terrible: It’s a real mess.

“We need to make the place more attractive for people.

“People do mention it, especially visitors, and something needs to be done.”

Nobody from Natural England – who would have to back the town council’s bid – was available for comment.