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Crime news

Relief as teenage tearaway handed two-year ban

Traders and residents have been spared further misery after a boy who terrorised a town was handed an ASBO.

Blackpool Magistrates’ court heard how Kyle Bee, 15, from Shakespeare Road, Fleetwood, harassed and threatened people in the port.

The teenager, who has bright red hair and stands less than 5ft tall, was made the subject of the Anti-Social Behaviour Order as soon as he was released from a youth custody unit he was in.

The ASBO now forbids Bee from using foul language on the streets of the town and any other public places.

He is barred from shops he has stolen from and from the public library where he has been a nuisance.

He is forbidden to mix with another named youth, and he must not harass or threaten a named man who is undergoing sex change treatment.

Nittin Borde, who applied for the order on behalf of Lancashire Police, handed in a dossier on Bee compiled by police and support officers.

He told Blackpool Magistrates: “The order is needed to control this young man and protect the community of Fleetwood from his behaviour.

“There is one man in particular he has picked on.”

Gerry Coyle, defending, said: “There is no doubt he has been a blight on society.

“However, he also feels victimised. He feels his red hair makes him a target for police.

“He has served two months in custody. He may have expected computer games an iPads but there was none of that.

“It was a chastening experience and he does not want to go back there.”

Bee used to live with his mother on Poulton Street, before moving to Shakespeare Road this year.

One resident, who declined to be named, said: “We are close to the town centre and it gets very rowdy here.

“There are takeaways and pubs, so it’s fairly common to see bad things around here.”