Bags get sacked as bins come in

Jean Riley pictured in the alley off North Albion Street which has had a problem with refuse bags.
Jean Riley pictured in the alley off North Albion Street which has had a problem with refuse bags.

FLEETWOOD is set for the latest “refuse bin revolution” which could help reduce the town’s damaging rubbish nightmare.

Fears were raised earlier this month that problems caused by people putting their rubbish bags out too soon could force away investors from town.

Black sacks ripped by seagulls, cats and digs have been leading to rubbish – including needles and pills -– being spilled all over pavements and back alleys.

But from September 5 onwards, around 5,000 households currently using black sacks to dispose of their rubbish will instead be given a blue lidded bin for recycling paper and card and a grey bin for general waste.

The majority of these will be in Fleetwood, with some Cleveleys households also included in the rollout.

Fleetwood Town Council chairman, Coun Alan Marsh, who initially raised those fears about the effect of rubbish on investment, told the Weekly News: “Anything that stops black sacks being ripped by birds and animals and their contents strewn all over the street, is good news.

“This, together with the possibility that smaller bin wagons may at some point be introduced to travel down the town’s back alleys, will help a great deal.

“Rubbish is big problem – these new bins appear to be part of the solution.”

Fleetwood resident Jean Riley, of North Albion Street, has experienced problems with rubbish coming out of bin bags, and said: “It’s a much better system and will improve things a lot.”

Most collection days will stay the same and in most cases the bins will be collected from the rear of the property, but information explaining the exact arrangements and a handy calendar will be delivered with the bins.

Following rollout of the bins, the first collections will be made the week beginning Monday September 26.

Black sacks should continue to be used up to this date.

The move by Wyre Council follows positive feedback from residents and will mean a consistent level of service across the borough.

Councillor Peter Murphy, cabinet member with responsibility for waste at Wyre Council, said: “This is something the people of Fleetwood have told us they will welcome. They can look forward to cleaner streets as the problem with seagulls ripping bags open should all but disappear.

“Bins will also give residents the opportunity to recycle more of their rubbish, something we all need to get into the habit of doing to drive down landfill costs and improve our environment.”

Bulk bins will be provided in certain areas, including those with a number of houses of multiple occupation or flats.