Author’s visit is real page-turner for pupils

Children's author Mark Walden meets his young readers at Rossall School, Fleetwood.
Children's author Mark Walden meets his young readers at Rossall School, Fleetwood.

PUPILS from some of Fleetwood’s primary schools enjoyed a brilliant opportunity to meet a top children’s author.

Mark Walden, who shot to fame as author of the H.I.V.E. series of books, was on campus at Rossall School to read extracts from his latest novel, Aftershock, to an enthusiastic audience of almost 200 pupils.

Lapping up every word at the reading and book singing session were pupils from Rossall itself, Larkholme, Shakespeare and Baines Endowed primary schools.

Walden’s books focus on H.I.V.E –the Higher Institute of Villainous Education – where children are trained to become criminal masterminds.

And although this might be a far cry from the area’s real schools, children seem to love his particular brand of young adult fiction, which has seen his series of novels race up the best-sellers list.

It also won the Richard and Judys’ Best Kids Books Ever competition.

Aftershock is the seventh book in the series penned by Walden, a former Sony Playstation games developer who then turned his talents to writing children’s books.

The story’s edgy characters and fast-moving plot certainly went down well with the swarm of local pupils who will no doubt be adding the book to their Christmas present list this year!

Mark was delighted with the response from his trip to Rossall and said that getting to meet his readers was one of the best aspects of his writing career.

He said: “It’s great when I meet children who know my characters and titles, and the school children at Rossall have been a fantastic audience.

“Seeing a book in the best-sellers list is one thing, but meeting children who are genuinely enthusiastic about one’s work is the most rewarding.”

The Author’s visit to the Fleetwood campus follows those of other successful writers to the school.

And the well-received programme of readings and book signings is set to continue in 2012 as part of Rossall’s plan to expose its pupils to more examples of the best in modern literature.

The programme already seems to be paying off.