Are big orange bins too ugly for the park?

Your say on council's bright idea to save staff time

Monday, 15th August 2016, 7:00 pm
One of the orange bins currently being trialled in Blackpools Stanley Park.

Bins in Stanley Park have been taped up and replaced by industrial-sized orange ones – but are they too ugly?

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Blackpool Council said it is using the bigger bins as part of a trial to save staff valuable time

The park currently has 56 bins, which the council said need to be emptied several times a day during peak periods.

Town hall bosses are now considering replacing them with a number of larger bins so staff in the park department – affected by cuts to funding – can concentrate on other tasks.

And despite admitting the trial bins are unappealing, they said ‘nicer’ ones would be installed if the trial is adopted in the long term.

Here’s what you thought

Reg 40

Although the colour of the bins is a little brash amongst the greenery any bin is better than no bin. Some of those who visit the park, including some locals, wouldn’t take the trouble to deposit their litter in a bin if such were sited every few yards.


More bins can only be a good thing. What Stanley Park needs more than anything though is another set of public toilets.

Blackpool resident

They might be large bins, but you don’t need to lift the entire lid as there is a small flap on top to deposit rubbish. This is however out of reach of children or those in wheelchairs etc.
 If this avoids the piles of rubbish due to full smaller bins (particularly on busy weekends and public holidays) then surely it’s a better solution.

Gary Phillips

The bins are always overflowing, in the summer especially, at least these are huge and the seagulls won’t get in them. Can’t see anything wrong with them. I’ve also seen one of the smaller bins in the lake before now that someone’s thrown in. Try chucking one of them in.

Katrina Newton

I think it’s a good idea. Maybe not the bright orange colour, but then again, no one can say they didn’t see a bin can they? If it keeps our park tidy then it is surely a good thing.

Anne Ward

People will still leave their rubbish strewn all over for someone else to pick up, they need educating on the state of the environment not just bigger bins

Kristy Scott

Getting people to pick up dog mess is difficult enough as it is. A longer walk between bins will only make this problem worse. Dog mess fines are rarely imposed, don’t give more excuses for people to leave it behind.

Grace Winship

They could have had green ones instead lol. But as long as there’s not litter everywhere then surely it must be better? Mind you, how does the zoo cope? They have normal sized bins don’t then? Recycling options is also a good idea. Just a thought.

Jenny Mason

I’d rather see the bins than see and smell the rubbish overflowing from the other bins.

Joe Codling

It’s just a bin. Why is this even a discussion?

Margarete Culshaw

Do they have a plan for getting people to put their rubbish in them instead of doing what they usually do. Just throw it anywhere.

John Lee Smyth

Blackpool Council have had a good idea for a change instead of stopping green bin collections or wasting millions on the roads .

Melanie Hayes

I think if you can put rubbish in without lifting the lid it would be better.

Wendy Hartley

Good idea. Holding more rubbish and seagulls can’t get into them but how are children supposed to reach to put their rubbish in?

Debbie Foster Gayton

People might use them rather than throwing their rubbish in the lake etc... Time will tell think it’s a good idea really

T Lee Dunderdale

They might remind folk to actually clear up after themselves, being so bright and attractive!

Nathanael Howell

Terrible idea yet again by a terrible council.

Riccy Caunce

Makes complete sense!

David Macleod

Are they there so they don’t have to employ somebody to pick up litter?

Erika Fidler

It’s just a bin. What’s the problem?

Helen Leeming

If they help keep the park clean then I’m happy!

Tracey Cronin

Looks clean and tidy that’s all that matters , as long as people use them to keep the park looking at its best!