‘Another child will get killed’

The mother of a teenage girl killed at a Fleetwood danger junction says she witnessed a near-miss at the site last week.

Sarah Duggan, 16, was hit by a car after she came out of Fleetwood Cricket Club with friends and ran across Fleetwood Road at Broadwater, on November 4 last year.

Sarah’s mother, Julie, said current attitudes towards the junction, in particular by schoolchildren, are a “disgrace”, and urged them to use a nearby crossing instead.

The 43-year-old, of Brook Street, said: “I walked up to the crossing on Monday to pick my granddaughters up from school.

“Students from Cardinal Allen School ran straight across the road, narrowly missing cars – it was so dangerous.

“I shouted at them ‘Do you not think you’re taking the mick? You are not looking, you are just running straight across.’ It’s a disgrace – another kid is going to get killed.

“There is a pedestrian crossing and traffic lights – use them.

“The authorities have done everything to make it easier.”

Last week, an inquest heard how the other children, who were younger than Sarah, managed to get across to the other side of the junction.

But Sarah, who was behind her friends, ran straight into the path of a Renault Scenic.

Witnesses described how the children ran behind a bus, obscuring them from view of the Scenic driver, who had no chance to stop.

The accident happened yards from Sarah’s home, near the spot where her brother Thomas was involved in a similar incident 10 years ago.

After the accident, Sarah was taken to Royal Preston Hospital, but died on November 9 from multiple organ failure resulting from a severe brain injury.

Ms Duggan said: “We spoke to her. We told her it wasn’t her fault. It could have been anyone and we wouldn’t blame them. We’ve not blamed her for anything which went on.”

Simon Jones, coroner for Preston and West Lancashire, recorded a verdict of accidental death. He said he was satisfied the driver of the car had no chance to avoid the accident.

Fleetwood East County Coun Ron Shewan said a pelican crossing needs to be installed at the junction.

He added: “Sarah is not the first child to be knocked down in that area. I really think there should be a pelican crossing – but you still have the problem of children acting on impulse.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, highways manager for Wyre, said: “We will evaluate whether there’s any action we could reasonably take to prevent similar incidents in future.”

Ms Duggan said she is still coming to terms with the loss of Sarah. She added: “I can’t go to bed until 1am or 2am. I think she is coming through the door. After that time you think she is sleeping out.

“You think she is just going to turn up. But you wait and wait and wait – and she isn’t.”