Anger as yobs target homes in attack spree

Yobs damaged windows in Fleetwood, including a house on Agnew Road.
Yobs damaged windows in Fleetwood, including a house on Agnew Road.

Yobs went on a late-night wrecking spree, targeting homes and smashing windows with rocks in part of Fleetwood.

Police today said someone could easily have been seriously injured in the attacks in the Warren Farm area of the port.

And as furious residents are left counting the cost of the damage, police have today appealed for information to help bring the thugs to justice.

Four separate incidents were recorded in the area over a single nights, and police believe the attacks are connected.

The windows were broken on the night of Tuesday May 26 and the early hours of Wednesday May 27.

Officers hope residents living on the roads affected or along Shakespeare Road, which links them all, may have picked up on anything suspicious.

PC Gemma Sandham, of Fleetwood Police, said: “We have had isolated incidents of this kind of offending in the past, but it is rare to get a spate of it in one night, like this.

“We are obviously keen to catch the offenders as soon as possible.

“When people smash windows with rocks or stones, all it takes is someone in the house to be at the wrong place at the wrong time to get seriously injured.”

The first incidents occurred at two homes on Manor Road between 8.45pm and 11pm.

The vandals then struck again on Agnew Road between 11pm and 11.30pm.

And a final attack occurred at a property on Ariel Way, in the port, at around 1am.

Anyone with information can phone the police on 101, quoting the crime reference numbers WD 15502372.

Alternatively, they can call the confidential Crimestoppers number on 0800 555 111 or online at