Anger after yet more fly-tipping at reserve

The latest incident of fly-tipping at Jameson Road in Fleetwood.
The latest incident of fly-tipping at Jameson Road in Fleetwood.

Fly-tippers have struck again at a dumping blackspot in Fleetwood.

The offenders dumped a huge pile of wood, plastic, old electronic equipment and a car tire at the side of Jameson Road, just yards from a nature reserve

The site is targeted by fly-tippers on a regular basis, leading to anger and frustration from residents who visit the nature reserve, which is a sanctuary for less common birds. After the latest incident, Fleetwood Town Council member Rita Hewitt said local authorities should work together to try and combat the problem.

Coun Hewitt said: “Something needs to be done about this, it is happening far too often.

“It looks a terrible mess and I made an effort to see if the culprit had left behind any documents.Fly-tipping is an offence and if these people are caught they should have to pay the penalty.”

The area appears to be acting as a magnet for fly-tippers and there have been several incidents in the last few months.

In June, a massive pile of bricks and wood was off-loaded there, while in April, pieces of cardboard, wood, paper, plastic and an old blue carpet were dumped there.

For the last three years fly-tiping incidents in Wyre have ranged between 1,500 and more than 2,200 cases, a huge number for the population of Wyre. A relatively large number of these incidents appear to be occurring in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood businessman James Parr, who owns some of the land off Jameson Road, says he has tidied up such mess on numerous occasions and is frustrated by the re-occurrences.

Wyre Council says among the biggest culprits are rogue traders who offer to take people’s waste away cheaply and then dump it.