Andy’s a weight loss inspiration for port groups

Andy Halliwell after his weight loss.
Andy Halliwell after his weight loss.

Fleetwood’s weight watchers don’t have to look too far for inspiration when it comes to shedding the pounds.

That’s because Andy Halliwell, who leads three classes in the town, lost a staggering five stone plus in just eight months.

Andy Halliwell before he lost more than five stone in weight.

Andy Halliwell before he lost more than five stone in weight.

The 31 -year-old used to be out of breath just from walking up a flight of stairs.

He would take the car on the shortest of journeys instead of walking, because he was so heavy.

But after successfully getting his weight down from a bulky 17st 9lb to a slimline 12st 7lb, his life became transformed.

Andy, who has successfully maintained his new weight for a year now, says he could never have done it without help from a weight loss programme.

He runs his Weight Watchers classes at the town’s Senior Citizens’ hall on Warrenhurst Road, and said: “I am a different person to the man I was before I lost the weight. 
“Two years ago, I was the guy who wouldn’t take his towel off at the swimming pool. It doesn’t bother me now.

“My belly has gone and when I look down, I can see my feet. I’ve taken up running and my knees don’t ache. I’m much more confident.”

Andy, who is 5ft 6ins tall, says he was always chubby as a kid and a teenager but as he got older, he started eating all the wrong things. Then one day at a works Christmas party, he came into work wearing a festive jumper and took a selfy. When he saw it he was shocked and decided he had to do something it.

Andy, who lives in Blackpool, said: “I saw the light. I’d tried Weight Watchers before that but didn’t stick to it. This time I decided to give it a real crack and I haven’t looked back. Being part of a group really helps you, it’s the camaraderie of being with people who know just what you are going through.”