Agreement on pier site future

The site of the former Fleetwood Pier has been cleaned up.
The site of the former Fleetwood Pier has been cleaned up.

Further talks over the possible purchase of the Fleetwood Pier site lease have reached an agreement ‘in principle’ between a businessman and leaseholder Mike Simmons.

George Greenall, of Fleetwood Community Plus, says he has discussed a business plan with leaseholder Mr Simmons – aka entertainer Joey Blower – in a bid to purchase the lease for the fire-ravaged site to be used for community purpose.

Now Mr Greenall hopes to meet with Wyre Borough Council in the next couple of weeks to find out exactly what the lease entails.

Mr Simmons paid around £500,000 for the pier building but it burnt down in 2008 and he currently leases the land from Wyre Council.

He has already won planning permission to build a hotel on the site after reducing the size of a previous controversial larger development, but there has been no movement on the site since.

Mr Greenall said: “Taking over the lease has been agreed in principle but now we have to get some feedback from the council to find out what we would get for our money.

“We need to find out the size of the space and get some measurements.

“We would have to pay ground rent as well but we need to know some facts and figures before we take it to the next stage.

“Mr Simmons says he would sell us the lease if it would be for community purpose. If everything was satisfactory we would then hold an open meeting at the Marine Hall to find out what the people of Fleetwood would like to see there.

“We have our own ideas and whatever is decided, it would be called the People’s Pier, even if it wasn’t a pier.

“Under that name we would set up a fund and organise fund-raising events and then we could start looking at funding options.”

The site was been cleared up after local residents branded it an eyesore.

A spokeswoman for Wyre Council said that if George Greenall or Mike Simmons do come to an agreement the council would discuss the options direct with them.

Mr Simmons was unavailable for comment.