Action call for neighbourhood blighted by yobs

Photo: David Hurst'Greenfield Road, Fleetwood
Photo: David Hurst'Greenfield Road, Fleetwood

Despondent residents living in an area of Fleetwood which has become a target for vandalism are still hoping CCTV can be installed to prevent further attacks.

People living in Greenfield Road are parking their cars away from the street they live in to prevent further damage to their vehicles after yobs smashed wing mirrors and windscreens on 18 cars.

They held a meeting and called for action from the 
police, better lighting and CCTV – but so far, they claim nothing has been done.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “We had this meeting two months ago and we were promised a meeting with the police, cameras and better lighting. But so far nothing has happened, we are disgusted by it.

“We were promised CCTV and heard that cameras would be put up as a temporary measure but now I understand that isn’t going ahead.

“It’s really disappointing. We are all pensioners living here and we need help with this. We are just waiting for the next thing to happen.”

Since October 2013, 18 cars have been hit by vandals.

In one spree, youths damaged cars with bricks and slabs, destroying windscreens. One couple had their own disability mobility car damaged only for the yobs to attack the replacement courtesy car 24 hours later.

Coun Ruth Duffy said: “We are still pressing ahead with the CCTV. We were hoping to use the Stop It cameras, which monitor fly-tipping hotspots, but I have been told they are not suitable for the job 
because they are static.

“I think they would be fine, they would be a deterrent and it would only take one vandal to be caught to make others think twice. It’s disappointing and I’m now waiting to hear back from the council’s safety officer.

“Greenfield Road is a lovely community and residents look after the area. Unfortunately the area is hidden away, which makes it a target.”

Fleetwood PC Scott McLaren said: “We have met with residents and we have increased high-visibility foot and mobile patrols. No further acts of vandalism have been reported.”