A Wheelie kind gift for Leah

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FLEETWOOD youngster Leah Garfitt and her mum Lindsey Patterson are still making a big impact on people all over the country – thanks to the documentary Leah’s Dream.

The documentary, first shown on ITV 1 in March, showed how nine year old Leah and her family were coping as the youngster battled the effects of the rare Niemann Pick Disease, which eventually leads to premature dementia.

Viewers were heartbroken as they heard how charismatic Leah may eventually lose her memory completely and no longer know her loving mum.

After the programme aired the family were inundated with letters from all over Britain.

Last month the TV film was shown on ITV for the sixth time – and the family are still receiving letters.

Mum Lindsey, of Wansbeck Avenue, told the Weekly News: “We keep getting emails and messages from complete strangers.

“The sad thing is that since filming ended last year, Leah’s condition has got so much worse. She can’t walk or talk now, and has lots of fits. But people have been so kind.”

Earlier this year Leah was given a new chair after John Clarke and Julie McLean, of JJ Mobility in Fleetwood, told her story to Phil Needham, UK manager of Meyra Ortopedia, a German wheelchair manufacturer.

Last month the chair was fitted with dolphin-design wheel covers from America and John said: “We’re happy to have helped.”