A splashing new vision

A plan for the future of Fleetwood Paddling Pool
A plan for the future of Fleetwood Paddling Pool

CAMPAIGNERS for Fleetwood’s historic paddling pool are determined the facility will remain a central part of any plans to revamp the area.

And the campaign group, which has been renamed Fleetwood Community Trust, has drawn up bold new plans for a new water-themed facility on the site of the pool – with the popular feature as the centrepiece.

The group is fundraising to sustain the pool and has revealed its delight the paddling pool has been granted a reprieve for 2013 after Wyre Council last year decided the pool was too expensive to maintain.

The Trust is insisting that any ideas to revamp the area must include the paddling pool at their core.

However, the future of the Fleetwood attraction, which saw hundreds of visitors flocking to it this summer, is still uncertain at this stage.

It is hoped the pool – or at least part of it – will be kept, enhanced and improved to become an integral part of a bigger scheme.

Norah Stuchfield, chairman of the Trust, said: “We are aware that the council wants to revamp it but we want to keep part of the existing pool and incorporate it into a modernised area.

“It is fantastic that the pool has been granted a reprieve for this year but further than that, what will happen is unclear.

“We have a pot set up to kick start additional funding to help sustain the cost of running it.

“We are also looking at funding from other sources including heritage funding as the facility is more than 70 years old.

“The area has a high level of deprivation too and that will give us other target money to tap into.”

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