£700K to shore up Wyre sea defence

Knott End floods, taken by reader Neil Smith
Knott End floods, taken by reader Neil Smith

The Environment Agency has revealed plans to splash out £719,000 on the sea defences at Knott End.

The plans include the replacement of an existing panel wall between Lune View and Coniston Avenue.

A new wall will also be built to protect properties at the west end of Bourne May Road.

Justifying the investment, the Environment Agency said that Knott End was ‘at risk of flooding from the sea when stormy weather combines with high tides’.

Anyone wishing to make comments relating to any possible environmental impacts of the works should contact gary.hilton@environment-agency.gov.uk by March 19.

The announcement comes after weeks months of bad weather on the Fylde coast, which has seen millions of pounds worth of property left storm damaged.