10,000 revel in firework bonanza

The Firework Extravaganza display  in Fleetwood
The Firework Extravaganza display in Fleetwood

Ten thousand people - more than a third of the town’s population - packed Fleetwood Marine Gardens and the Mount grounds for what’s been hailed as the best bonfire night event on record.

And organisers say the firework extravaganza passed by with no incidents to report.

Figures released by Fleetwood police show there were no incidents related to bonfire night in Fleetwood whatsoever on November 5.

Richard Newson, (pictured) chairman of Fleetwood Rotary Club’s fireworks committee, who also serves in the police force, said it’s in stark contrast to figures from 2008, the year before the organised display began.

He said: “It went as well as it possibly could have done.

“In 2008 there were 14 incidents on bonfire night in Fleetwood and that was one of the main reasons we decided to set it up. It’s phenomenal.

“Year by year the figures have fallen steadily to zero, it’s quite dramatic.

“The whole idea was to make it safer and it’s amazing to think that this event has had a part in that.

“It’s very, very rewarding. Having a display like this is protecting the whole town.”

Spectators were treated to an event which captured the sounds of local bands, food, spinning lights and wands for the children and a firework display that rivalled all others. And it was all free.

The event was staged by a firework company based in Preston, which organised the professional display to make sure it was delivered safely.

“I think why it works so well in Fleetwood is because people value it and I think people are thankful that it’s being put on for them,” said Mr Newson.

“We advised neighbouring residents that it might be busy for those few hours and there wasn’t one complaint.

“We walked through the crowds on the night and everyone was smiling and happy.

“People were really supportive. We even had people ringing up to see if they could help. That’s something we will look into next year.”

Just short of £3,500 was raised on the night and that money will be split between Fleetwood Festive Lights and Fleetwood in Bloom.

The money was able to be put towards other community events because of sponsorship and a grant from Fleetwood Town Council which covered the costs.