Lancashire nostalgia in 1981: Stiles and Kelly sacked, digging in drag and dawn streakers

Manager Nobby Stiles and player Mike Elwiss on Harris Museum balcony at the Civic Reception given to PNE in recognition of their promotion
Manager Nobby Stiles and player Mike Elwiss on Harris Museum balcony at the Civic Reception given to PNE in recognition of their promotion

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1981:

Nobby and Stiles sacked by North End

Preston North End - relegated to Division Three last season - have sacked manager Stiles and assistant Alan Kelly.

England World Cup hero Stiles and ex-Republic of Ireland star Kelly will probably pick up about £50,000 compensation between them.

Club vice-chairman Trevor Hemmings made the announcement after informing Stiles and Kelly at Deepdale.

The decision was reached by the directors.

Chairman Alan Jones, who could not see Stiles and Kelly because he was representing the club at the Football League’s annual meeting at London’s Cafe Royal said: “I believed that we could have waited a little longer because the players will probably not return to begin training for next season until June 29.

“But it was felt that it was unfair to Stiles and Kelly to keep them in limbo any longer.

“It was also felt that it would not be right for us to decide to sack them and then to seek another manager behind their backs without telling them of our decision.

“Now we have ended all the speculation about them.

“But the guessing game about who we will get to take over will begin in earnest.”

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Digging in drag is a hole lot harder for Terry and Bob

Terry Hastings and Bob Hunter leaned on the bar - and made the silliest bet of their lives.

And what happened next had customers of the Plough Hotel, Pall Mall, Chorley, laughing fit to bust. For licensee Tony St John overheard their war of words... and turned it into a public spectacle .

The bet: who could dig the deepest hole in an hour.

The venue: just down the road in fellow regular Albert Norris’s back garden, rumoured never to have seen a spade for 30 years.

The dress: strictly drag.

Building workers Terry, 25, of Eaves Green Road, and Bob, 39, of Railway Road, both Chorley, were joined by pacemakers Barney Vaughan and Brian Kenny.

And so the expression ‘digging deep for charity’ took on a whole new meaning as the men from the Plough ploughed up Albert’s garden.

A packed house cheered them on, while marathon accordion player Norman English - he holds the world non-stop record - provided the backing.

It was really no contest. Only a few minutes into the fray and burly Bob was leaning on his spade having nearly burst a suspender with the effort.

He managed three feet six inches to Terry’s five feet four inches.

There was nearly an upset when Brian Kenny finished only two inches behind and might have won had he not stopped to loosen his bra.

Naked romp by dawn streakers

A naked romp gave a Lancashire village a rude awakening.

Tongues have been wagging in rural Newton-with-Scales, near Preston since three couples were seen running nude through a smart housing estate in the early hours of the morning.

An astonished milk delivery boy dropped two pints of milk on the pavement as one of the streakers dashed past him on Lowfield Close.

Shocked neighbours claimed that the couples were charging up and down the street shouting “Hi-de-hi”.

“At first I thought it was kids screaming and shouting. But then when I looked out of the window I saw a girl giving another a piggy back - and they weren’t wearing a stitch,” said one resident in Lowfield Close.

“I don’t know if it was a party or what - if it was, the least they could have done was invite the rest of us.”