IN PICTURES: Do you recognise these faces?

This superb collection of old photographs showing Fleetwood’s trawlermen at sea will bring back memories.

Kindly donated for publication by former fisherman Wilf Cartmell, the crews on board some of the town’s most well-known trawlers were pictured fishing the deep North Atlantic waters. On many occasions they risked their lives at sea, fishing in atrocious weather to bring the catch home.

Fleetwood trawlermen at sea.

Fleetwood trawlermen at sea.

Wilf, of Kemp Street, said: “I’ve had these photos a long time, but there are a lot of faces I don’t recognise. There’s one picture which shows me and Alan Bedford when we went to sea as teenagers.

“It would be great to find out who some of them are.”

One of the pictures was taken on board the Boston Kestrel during an early morning sailing to Iceland. Some of those photographed include George Duncan, Danny Doherty, John Porter and Jeff Wylie.

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