Calls for more door staff in Poulton

Calls have been made to make pubs hire door staff, (below) Vincent Hamer who opposes the idea.
Calls have been made to make pubs hire door staff, (below) Vincent Hamer who opposes the idea.

Pub bosses in Poulton claim their venues do not need door staff during the weekends as it would harm their reputation.

At a recent meeting of Poulton and Carleton Residents’ Association members of the public requested door staff should be introduced to the town’s pubs after Poulton in Bloom flower beds were believed to be damaged by revellers.

Vincent Hamer who opposes the idea.

Vincent Hamer who opposes the idea.

Although it was decided this was more of a police matter and something door staff should not be dealing with, the meeting’s minutes noted the addition of door staff to pubs might be made a licensing condition.

It is currently a licensing condition for Poulton’s clubs to have doormen, but it is up to pub bosses if they require extra help.

The minutes read: “The clubs in Poulton are required to have doormen at weekends and it was suggested this might also be made a licensing condition for pubs.”

Vincent Hamer, landlord of the Thatched House, on Ball Street, said: “I can only speak for myself but our business is well run and well patronised by behaved customers.

“I do have doormen for three or four days over Christmas because I don’t want to be the only pub who hasn’t got them, but it would do my business and reputation more harm than good.

“It sends out the wrong message that we need to protect ourselves, but most of the time the pub polices itself.”

Desmond Smith, manager of the Old Town Hall, added: “I only have doormen at bank holidays because I don’t need them all year round.

“There’s not enough trouble (to have doormen) but we don’t know from one week to the other who is going to turn up here.”

Lesley Middleton, chairman of Carleton and Poulton Residents’ Association, added: “The feeling of the meeting was that quite often some of the pubs do have door staff and they provide them at weekends, it’s not just clubs.”

Bob Hewitt, owner of Hewsec Solutions, a door staff company in Poulton, said: “The downside of not having door staff is when they do have a particular problem it can escalate because they don’t have the staff there to deal with it.

“More problems occur when people are going between pubs, but that’s a question of having more CCTV because some areas are not as well covered as others.”

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