Personal glimpse into life in Blackpool in the last century

South Shore reader Dorothy Hajioannou kindly brought in her family albums of photographs into The Gazette office, giving a very personal glimpse into life in the last century.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 5:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 5:44 pm
Dorothys grandma, Alice Rooney

The pictures range from her mum and dad’s wedding, to family holidays as children and the guests at her grandparents’ hotel in Alexandra Road, Blackpool.

Dorothy’s grandmother, Alice Rooney, moved to Blackpool with her husband James after he was left disabled from fighting in the First World War. He had been given just three months to live but was told the best place to be would be by the sea. Alice had seen a house for sale in Blackpool, so she bought it and the couple moved to the resort in October 1921.

Dorothy said: “They doctor had said to my grandmother to take my grandfather to the beach and walk along the water’s edge, so she did that religiously four times a day. He lived for three years, when he had been given three months.

Family holiday to Lands End: Dorothy (second left), her dad, mum and older brother Paul

“My grandma used to love to go to auctions and she always had a pencil behind her ear.

“One day she was at an auction and was talking to the person next to her, when she dropped the pencil. As she bent down to pick it up off the floor, the auctioneer took that as her bid and she ended up buying that side of the hotel. It was half of two Gothic villas.

“When I was about four or five years old, the lady next door, Mrs Pimley, sold that house to us.”

Dorothy’s father Charles was originally from Cyprus.

A family birthday party

Dorothy, now 67, said: “My dad was based at Weeton and he would come and cut the recruits’ hair. They would stay for the night, get their papers and the next day they were off.

“And that’s how he and my mum met.”

Dorothys parents Charles and Dorothy in fancy dress on board a cruise. Charles (right) wore Dorothys clothes and Dorothy dressed up in Charles clothes winning them first prize
Dorothy as a harvest queen, with her retinue and the outgoing queen
Dorothy and her brothers dogs Queenie and Prince, the German Shepherds