Here is how to treat thrush

Essential oils can help with thrush
Essential oils can help with thrush

Through my training, I learned about some interesting approaches to treating thrush.

Through my training, I learned about some interesting approaches to treating thrush.

Despite the traditional background of herbal medicine, I consider myself a fairly modern herbalist.

Most of my remedies come as capsules, creams, tinctures or tea.

These mediums of medicine are convenient to take and fit in well with a modern lifestyle.

While I am not adverse to alternative ways of taking herbs, some of the ways herbalists taught me to treat thrush were interesting to say the least.

Thrush is caused by a yeast infection that certain plants can be very helpful at killing off.

Cinnamon, garlic, thyme and myrrh are three herbs that I’ll often add to my own medicines when helping people with recurrent yeast infections.

I would usually add these to a cream or to an oral medicine, that can be applied topically or taken periodically through the day.

Speaking with some older herbalists during my university degree, I was often told about the effectiveness of using natural yoghurt, manuka honey and garlic cloves to apply directly to the affected area.

Now while these methods are not ineffective, natural yoghurt sounds messy, manuka honey sounds sticky and I wouldn’t want a garlic clove anywhere but in my cooking.

So since starting my own practice some years ago, I have begun a search for much more convenient ways of addressing uncomfortable thrush.

The most common method I recommend comes as a spray. I love to recommend a spray for this condition because it’s hygienic, it’s easy to carry around, it’s discreet and there is no mess.

The best way to protect yourself from recurrent episodes of thrush is to improve the balance of bacterial flora that colonise the affected area. This ensures that our natural defences are working as they should, helping our bodies protect themselves and reducing our reliance on antifungal treatments.

This can be done from the inside and the out and in my experience, the best thing to do is both, fighting the battle from both sides. The spray I use is called Topida.

I’ve found that one of the more successful ways of improving the bacterial balance of the skin and mucous membranes is with essential oils.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and they sound like gentle remedies, often because they are used in beauty treatments and massage.

Actually, essential oils are incredibly powerful and most are toxic when taken internally, even in small doses.

These potent properties that make them potential irritants also make them excellent medicines when used in the right way, especially when fighting yeasts that cause thrush.

Topida contains all the herbs and essential oils that I like to use in the treatment of thrush, without the need for risky does of pure oils or the uncomfortable processes of applying honey, yoghurt and garlic to sensitive awkward areas.

Topida is pleasant smelling and the spray bottle makes it more hygienic than a creams.

Spraying Topida onto the affected area provides a cooling sensation that can ease the burning, itch immediately.

I usually combine this topical treatment with a low sugar diet, as high sugar diets adjust bacterial balance and can make us prone to thrush.

To treat this bacterial imbalance from the inside I use Rhamnosus, my probiotic of choice for problems that occur in the vagina or urinary system. Rhamnosus is a probiotic capsule that puts the right bacteria back into the body, building your defences back up while the oils in the Topida spray actively fight the fungus that causes the thrush.

I have seen great success working this way, using both topical treatment and internal probiotics. It’s not just about treating the problem, but also breaking the cycle of ongoing infection. Restoring proper bacterial balance is essential. If you’re interested in doing this, talk to your local herbalist or ask in your local pharmacy or health store about Rhamnosus and probiotics that look after our more intimate areas. Luckily for me (and my clients) modern products like these are safe and convenient, so no more need for garlic cloves and yoghurt.

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