Blackpool FC backs resort's campaign to improve residents' mental health

Blackpool Football Club is helping to spread the good mental health message.

Thursday, 24th September 2020, 12:30 pm

The club is backing Blackpool Council’s mental health campaign Get Vocal for a second consecutive year, wearing the campaign branding on the front of the team’s third kit shirts for the 2020/21 football season.

The Get Vocal campaign aims to encourage residents in Blackpool to look after their mental health, and Blackpool FC will wear the new shirts for the first time on World Mental Health Day on October 10, when they play Sunderland.

The campaign’s message is directed to all adults in Blackpool, particularly to men and middle-aged people, who may be at risk of poor mental health, but who might not seek help.

Blackpool FC's third kit will carry the branding of Blackpool Council's Get Vocal mental health campaign for the 2020-21 season

Get Vocal aims to promote five top tips which have been developed to enable people to look after their own wellbeing. The tips were developed based on research on what works to improve mental health:

* Voice – Talk to your friends. Spend time with your family. Good relationships build better mental health;

* Observe – Live in the moment and focus on the now by using your senses to really see, hear, feel what’s around you;

* Connect – Giving your time and energy to someone else can help give you a new sense of purpose;

* Active – Getting active releases a hormone that reduces stress, anxiety and tension. It helps to clear the mind too;

* Learn – Learning something new can make you more confident. It’s also a great way of connecting with other people.

Dr Arif Rajpura, Director of Public Health at Blackpool Council said: “We’re really proud to be sponsoring our local club again this season. Looking after our mental health and wellbeing is important for us all whether we are living with a mental illness or not.

“Just like our physical health there are key steps that we can all take to look after ourselves, especially when we’re going through challenging times.

“We want to get the Get Vocal message out to as many of our residents as possible. We hope our continued partnership with Blackpool Football Club will enable us to reach many more people in Blackpool.”

To find out more about the Get Vocal campaign visit: