£2000 apology for dog attack victim

A pensioner has issued a heartfelt plea for the woman whose dogs left him with a serious injury to get in touch '“ so he can tell her everything will be OK.

Monday, 12th June 2017, 8:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 3:46 pm
Michael Owen was walking on Nicky Nook when he was knocked over by dogs causing serious injury to his leg

Retired postie Michael Owen is having to learn how to walk again after three Retriever-type dogs left him sprawled on the ground earlier this year.

An envelope containing £2,000 in a bundle of notes and an emotional apology was hand-delivered to our offices after the 69-year-old’s story was told in print.

And Mr Owen, who lives in Broughton Way in Carleton and plans to use the cash to pay for his physiotherapy, said: “I need to speak to her. I want to tell her to stop worrying. It’s happened and that’s it. I will recover.”

Michael Owen from Poulton-Le-Fylde, was injured by dogs while walking in Scorton early on in the year and still suffering six-months after the event.

Mr Owen had completed a walk to the summit of Nicky Nook near Scorton, and was walking back to his car with wife Eva when they walked past the woman and the dogs, which he said were not on leads.

He said he moved to let them past because he could see they were ‘playful’, but not ‘vicious’, but was bundled over from behind seconds later.

He tried to get back up again, but could barely stand.

“Every time I stood up I fell down again,” he said. “I thought I had broken my leg.”

Michael Owen from Poulton-Le-Fylde, was injured by dogs while walking in Scorton early on in the year and still suffering six-months after the event.

With the help of his wife, Mr Owen managed to stagger for around half a mile before meeting two fellow walkers.

One, Amanda Berry of Mains Lane, Poulton, got her car and drove him straight to A&E at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Mr Owen spent a week being treated in hospital, where he also had an operation to fix ruptured muscles in his left leg following the accident, which happened in January.

He was put in a leg brace for several weeks before starting a course of intense rehabilitation sessions.

At the time, Mr Owen said: “The girl took her dogs away straight away. They quickly disappeared.

“She knew I was in terrible pain because I was crying out in agony. The pain was awful.

“She knew there was something desperately wrong and thought she better get away.

“I’m very upset. She knew in her mind I was really hurt and did not want anything to happen to her dogs. I wouldn’t either – I love dogs – but it was very rude to walk away.”

Despite his initial anger at the woman, thought to be in her 20s, Mr Owen said he now wants to put her mind at ease and let bygones be bygones.

He said: “There was a card with the money. It says she is having flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety.

“She is really sorry she did not stay and was just thinking about herself.”

The note said the £2,000 was being saved towards launching a dog walking business, Mr Owen added.

He said he does not bear a grudge against the woman or her dogs, and said he believes he was ‘just in the wrong place at the wrong time’.

“I really need to trace her,” he added. “It will take around two years to come right, but I will recover.”

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