Tough choices made for GCSE courses at Saint Aidan's High School

By Jack Wrennall, Saint Aidan's High School

Pupils at Saint Aidan’s High School have been choosing their options - the subjects they would like to study at GCSE. It’s a tough one with a range of subjects on offer. In the first of a series of reports, Year 9 pupil Jack Wrennell explains how he came to his decision...

Pupils at Saint Aidan's High School have been choosing their options

Pupils at Saint Aidan's High School have been choosing their options

I decided on what I was going to do in my options in Year 8, after I thought about what I liked and wanted to do when I was older.

This took days even weeks, but it finally came down to computer science, German and geography.

I knew not many people would take computer science but I thought it would be beneficial in the future after technology is evolving and companies are paying coders and technicians a fortune.

Also my dad took computer science so I wanted to follow his way because I enjoy talking to him about the problems he has during the day.

I thought that another language would be a good idea because I could talk to people in other countries within a company or a client.

Also geography can help you in the long run because it can help you understand what is happening if something unnatural occurs.

For my reserve choice I picked PE because I enjoy it and, I play football, rugby and cricket outside of school. This means I could pick between what I thought I was strongest in but it is important to choose what you like and want to do otherwise you can end up doing something you don’t enjoy for two years.