Column: The strange world of blogging

Always one to take on more than one can chew, I like to add many strings to my bow.

Haighton Manor

Restaurant review: To the manor born for a juicy steak at Brunning and Price's Haighton Manor, Lancashire

Once upon a time the settlement of Haighton or Halctun as it was originally known, was  a farming community in the ownership of a Preston Earl.
Whats on
Nicola @chorleyfm

Column:I have the key not the secret; radio diaries

I have a key so it must be official.
What is that yellow thing anyway?

Column: If you can't take the heat get out of the country

Ah, the unique dilemmas of Brits in the heat
Love island

Column: Love hurts on the island of pain

After a campaign of quite determined avoidance, I finally caved and watched an episode or two of the much equally beloved and maligned ‘Love Island’.

Race for life

Column: In the pink at the speed of a sloth for Race for Life

Safe to say, I’m not a runner. I’m not sure anyone is really - I’m thinking some just like pain more than others.


Review: Fat Friends The Musical starring Jodie Prenger, Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff, Sam Bailey, Natasha Hamilton and Natalie Anderson at Blackpool Opera House

I can guarantee two things if you go to watch Fat Friends the musical.
Local newspaper week

Column: The issue of trust

My first ever job, which I approached with the same enthusiasm I maintained for the dentist and non-permed hair, was a newspaper round for a local freesheet.
Barbeque fun

Column: The joys of the simple British barbeque

Let’s have a barbeque, I heard you cry.
Do you have Nomophobia?

Column: Just call me Nomophobic Nic

The worst has finally happened.

I swear I am up to no good

Jabbering Journo column: Is swearing really rude?

The old adage ‘sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me’ is probably the most inaccurate saying in the British language.

Not quite ready to shed those layers

Jabbering Journo column: I'm totally unprepared for Spring

After the longest winter known to  womankind, spring is finally in the air and my enormous, reinforced and padded, hooded and fur-trimmed winter coathas finally been relegated to the cupboard.

The River Ribble outside the Spread Eagle at Sawley

Restaurant review: The Spread Eagle at Sawley near Clitheroe

Nestled next to a soaring stretch of the beautiful  River Ribble, with views stretching a cross the Forest of Bowland, The Spread Eagle at Sawley has earned its reputation as a calming bolt-hole in a stunning corner of our beautiful Lancashire countryside.
Not tax on doughnuts - yet

Jabbering Journo column: A taxing time cutting out the food I love

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in spending approximately 25 per cent of my day thinking about food.

Time for the great Easter house-selling adventure

Jabbering Journo Column: Get the coffee pot on, it's time to sell the house

The coffee pot is on, the windows are squeaky clean and the smell of freshly baked muffins is wafting through the impossibly immaculate kitchen.
Miss Saigon

Review: Miss Saigon at Manchester Palace Theatre

Get your emotions on standby, the juggernaut of a musical that is Miss Saigon has rolled into town and there is not a dry eye in the house

Shibden Mill Inn

Travel: A magical snowy escape to Shibden Mill Inn, West Yorkshire

Tucked away down a winding road amid the beautiful hills of a West Yorkshire valley lies the Shibden Mill Inn.
A nice cup of tea - but did you pay for the milk?

Column: Have you stolen milk from the office fridge?

You may work for the most international, high-flying, sophisticated and trendy organisation in the world – but it is unlikely you have escaped  the ubiquitous communal fridge theft rage.
Nicola at Chorley FM

Coming in your ears: A new radio career?

If I had a bucket list for life, I’m pretty sure that I would be adding a great fat tick this week.

The bittersweet inequality of Mother's day

Column: Not everybody gets to celebrate Mother's day

Every year, this day come comes around, a dose of national emotional blackmail on a vomit-inducing scale.

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