From UK's Vegas to the real Las Vegas

A new five-part series launching on ITV tonight is like a who's who of Blackpool summer seasons from days gone by.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 12:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 12:31 pm
Kenny Lynch, Anita Harris, Mick Miller, Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, Jess Conrad, Su Pollard, Bernie Clifton and Bobby Crush

Last Laugh In Vegas sees local favourites Cannon and Ball and Poulton resident Mick Miller head to Sun City to put on their dream gig in the variety captial of the world.

Mick and Lytham’s Bobby Ball plus comedy partner Tommy Cannon appear alongside pianist and entertainer Bobby Crush, singer Kenny Lynch, 60s pop idol Jess Conrad, actress and singer Anita Harris, actress, singer and comedienne Su Pollard and entertainer Bernie Clifton.

Cameras will follow the entertainment veterans right through from the point they leave their UK homes to living and rehearsing in Vegas ready for the final spectacular; treading the boards at Vegas’ iconic Orleans theatre.

Despite all eight acts having extensive careers, access to the world-class stages that run along the Vegas strip would mark a new experience for most.

And it’s one none of the celebrities could turn down.

“It was like going over a rainbow and arriving at an incredible place,” gushes Harris, 75, who returned to the city for the first time since her early twenties, sharing a house with her co-stars for the fortnight.

“It’s a lovely thing for people to do,” agrees Pollard, 68.

“You’re outside of your comfort zone, you’re outside of things that you wouldn’t do on an everyday occurrence, so it was lovely.

“We embraced the opportunity and everything that they put on for us.”

Their show, produced by Vegas veteran Frank Marino, is hailed as a glamourous, Saturday night ‘shiny floor show’ with feathers and sequins.

But the stars’ time in Vegas wasn’t all singing and dancing, and the show was thrown into question when a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest musical festival.

“It was unexpected and it was shocking and we were given the opportunity to call a halt,” notes Crush, but the entertainment veterans followed the old saying ‘the show must go on’ and brought British stoicism to the famous Vegas strip.

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