Experience The Dubliners

IRISH EYES: The Dubliners come to Blackpool's Grand Theatre on Friday March 11
IRISH EYES: The Dubliners come to Blackpool's Grand Theatre on Friday March 11

TUNE into fabulous Irish folk band The Dubliners and enjoy a true toe-tapping concert in The Dublin Experience at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre this week.

The lads are performing at the theatre on Friday night, at 7.30pm.

With millions of music fans across the world, and celebrity followers including U2, Kate Bush, Stephane Grappelli, Van Morrison and Peter O’Toole, this beloved band’s popularity is unquestionable and their contribution to the world of folk music is unparalleled.

They are probably the best accident to ever happen to folk music, and contribute to it not only with their superb voices, but also with their exceptional talent as musicians and entertainers.

And after an incredible 49 years of globetrotting, they have never compromised through ever-changing musical fads.

People probably don’t recognize what The Dubliners have meant to the world of music.

They have paved the way for dozens of bands from Ireland and Scotland, and have brought folk music to millions of folk fans old and new all over the world due to their indescribable instrumentals, their wild lifestyle and drinking, their late-night sessions, their enormous beards, their extensive touring, their charisma and most of all, their charming characters!

Their many, many hits include Molly Malone, Wild Rover, Black Velvet Band, Whisky in the Jar and Seven Drunken Nights, and The Dubliners have always been, and will continue to be, a wonderfully peculiar blend the world will never see again.

Tickets for the gig cost from £18.50 upwards.

Call the Grand Theatre Box Office on (01253) 290190 or online at www.blackpoolgrand.co.uk.