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Fleetwood Darts League review
Fleetwood Darts League review

Throughout the ages, sport has proved to be a bountiful breeding ground for familial success stories.

Who can ever forget those behemoths of the soccer field Bobby Moore and star gazing brother Patrick, or tiny Mickey Rooney and his not so tiny nephew Wayne?

Will anyone come near to the successes enjoyed by that most famous of pugilistic pairings, Lady Antonia Frazier and her uncle Joe?

In cricket, will we ever see again the likes of Peter May and his sister Teresa stride out to the middle, there to face an opening onslaught from speedy siblings Frank and Mike Tyson?

Even in the sedate world of snooker, Sammy Davies Junior and his cousin Steve managed to pot their way into immortality.

And yet there are few examples to be found in the ocheological archives. Granted in the early eighties, it was rumoured that Harold Wilson and his identical twin Jocky would play at different venues on the same night, thus doubling their earnings on the exhibition circuit.

However, in Fleetwood, the same names appear with monotonous regularity throughout the years whenever a trophy is to be presented. Shaw, Billington, Newton, Helsby, Coulborn, Hadgraft, Shewan..........the list goes on forever.

But this year, something peculiar is happening.

For at the top of the pile in this year’s league averages race we find a brace of Bonds. On the one hand we have Brian “Premium” Bond from the Mount, whilst on the other we have Steve “My Word Is My” Bond from Highbury ‘A’. Apparently, they are in no way related.

Not since Steve Cowell defeated the high-trousered namesake Simon in the Planters Round the Board Final of 1993 has this occurred upon the oches of the port.

On Friday, Basildon and his Olympian teammates maintain their perfect start to the season with an eye watering 6-2 demolition of the Cons down Lowther Road. Cavan Thake is again best on the night for the peerless promenaders as they run amok against the 2012 champions, this despite another splendid performance for the losers by the Artful Dodger, Dale Newton.

Meanwhile, My Word Is My Bond also makes it four wins on the bounce as he and his Highbury ‘A’ colleagues seeing off the sturdy challenge of Dockers ‘B’ at the football club. Scott Hayton is back to his best on the night for the victors, with Craig Gill impressively going out on 116 for the vanquished Blyth Spirits.

Sharing top spot with the Mount are defending champions Dockers ‘A’, this after another close run victory over the chagrined Collapsible Comrades. And although Robert Dagger deservedly receives all the plaudits after a terrific bout of tungsten tossing for the 5-3 winners, it is the novel conclusion arrived at by Rob Melling in employing a treble and a double in securing the 5 he requires that finally sees off the spirited resistance of the Alan Taylor inspired Comrades.

There is a severe case of vertigo amongst the ranks of the Peripatetic Pensioners on Friday, this after a third win of the campaign moves them up to an unheard of fifth spot in the table. Mick Buckingham is suitably regal for the successful septuagenarians, with Andy Helsby best on the night for a harrumphing Highbury ‘B’.

Jeff Wright is everyone’s favourite Beach Road Boy this week, this after helping his side pick up their first points of the season with a 5-3 victory on the toad down Broadwater. Phil Schofield is the pick of the cricketers this week as they continue their remorseless slide down the league table.

Another team on the up and up this week is the Atkin Juggernaut, this after they move up to fourth spot with a wafer thin victory over an increasingly desperate Chinese Telephone Directory. Tony Brogden continues to impress those with a penchant for baseball caps in picking up yet another best of breed award for the Royal Oak, whilst for the worried Workingmens it is Brian Wilson who maintains his equilibrium as all around other orientals are losing theirs.

Meanwhile, down Poulton Road, the Fuzzy Ducks and Biased Boys are punching themselves to a standstill. A 117 finish by Alan Jackson is the highlight of the visitors performance, albeit that Ian Ivison sticks out his chest like a Spanish galleon in a stiff nor’ westerly after snatching a point for his side with the final throw of the match. For the Strawberry, it is Graham Hopkinson who looks to be back to his best at the end of an enthralling encounter.

Finally this week, it is nice to report that the Femme Fatales have picked up their first point of the season in a shared encounter of the darting kind upon Upper Lune Street. Skipperess, Trish Hughes continues to lead the way for the Bowling Ladies this week, with Chris Garton emphatically efficient for the beleaguered Blasted Heathens.

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