Couch takes on Superstar status for TV

FLEETWOOD'S five times Women's Boxing World Champion Jane Couch, MBE, will be competing once again next month – but without the aid of any gloves.

Couch, 39, will be appearing on Superstars, the show which pits a number of sports stars against each other in different sporting events in a bid to be crowned the Superstar.

Jane, now living in Bristol, is looking forward to this and sees it as an opportunity to try something different.

She said: "Its a challenge, because the training has been so different than in boxing.

"I've had to put off my boxing to compete in this, but it should be a laugh."

Filming begins on May 12 at the K2 Arena, Crawley, and the show will be aired in June on Channel 5.

Her training involves her usual gym and fitness work, along with unfamiliar cycling and skills training that she wouldn't normally do.

There was a chance that she would fight in a build-up match before her good friend and two-time IBF and IBO Light Welterweight World Champion Ricky Hatton's fight against Juan Lazcano on May 24, but filming for the show ends the day before the fight.

Jane said: "I've had to knock it on the head, because it would be stupid to do all that training for Superstars then go straight into a boxing match with no proper training."

After competing in Superstars, Jane is hoping to don her gloves once again for a fight in September.

She is confident of her chances next month and tells people not to rule out another victory for the Fleetwood Assasin.

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