Shock as thieves break in and grab cash from till

Sellathurai Selyaratanam, from Best One,  next to the hole where thieves have tunnelled into his store from next door

Sellathurai Selyaratanam, from Best One, next to the hole where thieves have tunnelled into his store from next door

Thieves tunnelled their way into a Fleetwood newsagent shop and grabbed cash from the till in a shocking raid.

The thieves got into the store at around 5.50am on Monday by squeezing through a hole from the empty Mayflower cafe premises next door.

CCTV cameras captured an intruder pulling himself through the hole on his stomach before getting to the till.

Police are investigating and have launched an appeal for information, including CCTV images of the suspect, who was seen wearing distinctive clothing.

Insp Steve Bell, the Fleetwood-based geographic inspector for Wyre, said he was sorry if the couple felt that they had not been supported by the police, and he vowed to try and catch those responsible for the raid.

But the couple, who have suffered a catalogue of harassment from youths and an earlier burglary at the premises, say it is too little too late.

Scots-born Miss Spears said: “It is bad enough that we have been broken into and had money stolen from the till, and will have a massive bill for the damage. What is more annoying, though, has been the attitude of the police.

“Despite our repeated warnings, three times in six days, they have just not taken it seriously and seemed to treat it as a joke. They are only investigating now – after the fact.

“We have launched an official complaint about it.

“Since we moved in it has been a nightmare, with one things and another. We have been under siege.”

In February, the newsagents was broken into when raiders smashed a window at the rear and stole cash, forcing the couple to brick the entrance up.

Mr Anthony, originally from Sri Lanka, says he has also been assaulted by groups of youths and subjected to racial abuse and shoplifting.

Last month Miss Spears says she opened up the shop for business and was terrified when a knife came through the wall. It was the start of the hole being made.

Despite calling the police, she says the terrifying incident was not dealt with seriously.

The couple, who own another newsagents on Lord Street, Supernews, say they cannot quit the business because they own it and it is their livelihood.

Mr Anthony said: “We’re just trying to run our business.”

Insp Bell said: “The problems this couple have encountered are completely unacceptable and we will do our very best to bring these perpetrators to justice.

“We are appealing for information and ask people who might know anything to get in touch.”

He added: “I am genuinely sorry that Richard and Tiffany don’t feel fully supported by the police. We will continue to work closely with them and have put a number of measures in place to help with that.

“They are just trying to go about their business and we will do all we can to help them.”

Anyone with information can phone the police non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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