Problem smell looks to be over

Fleetwood wastewater treatment works during the �54m overhaul.
Fleetwood wastewater treatment works during the �54m overhaul.

FLEETWOOD residents who have previously been plagued by the town’s problem smell say there is no longer a strong stench.

And there is confidence for the first time that the pong, linked to Fleetwood sewage plant, has finally been dealt with.

It comes as plant operator United Utilities unveiled the new improved plant at Jameson Road, which has undergone a mighty £54m overhaul.

As UU threw the doors of the plant open to the public, operations manager Norman Davies admitted they could not guarantee the town was odour free all the time – but said recent improved air quality in Fleetwood would be the new benchmark.

He added: “It’s designed so that 98 per cent of the time residents will be free of odour.

“It’s never going to be 100 per cent because there are always breakdowns and maintenance issues.

“You can’t eliminate everything – it’s impossible. But the new system is working tremendously.

“There are a few odours being released which we will deal with in the next four to six weeks. But it’s only very local and they should not be getting into customers’ homes. “The infrastructure is more than capable of keeping odours on this site.”

The company has opened the doors of the new plant to the public in a bid to prove how seriously they have taken improving the situation – and a group of children from Flakefleet Primary School in the port have already been to the site to see the works in action.

And residents who were given a first look at the site confirmed the smell situation improved, even in the recent hot weather when the stench is usually at its worst.

Henry Harrison, of Fleetwood Road, said: “We have had the odd bit of smell recently but nothing serious.

“I definitely think there is an improvement. I am being positive – there is a difference, but time will tell.

“It has been shocking at times in the past and we haven’t been able to have anything out in the garden because of the smell.”

Ann Shadbolt, of Larkholme Lane, said: “It hasn’t been as bad recently.

“We have had odd evenings when we have had to get up and close windows, but it has been much less of an issue of late.

“They seem to be getting to grips with it.”