PICTURES: Cubs prepare to sleep with sharks

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Fleetwood Cubs from 1st Fleetwood unit are looking forward to an exciting sleep over on Saturday - among the fish and sharks at Blackpool Sealife Centre.

Thirty five boys and girls, including some from the 16th Fleetwood group, will be heading to the Blackpool attraction to spend the entire night there, sleeping - or maybe not as the case may be - in the Ocean View part of the centre.

Akela Tracy Douglas said: “It’s the part of the centre right in front of enormous glass tanks.

“They will go to sleep, if they go to sleep, watching the fish. They are very excited.”

The unit, which operates at St. John Avenue is currently full to capacity with a mixture of boys and girls aged between seven and 11. They take part in a range of activities and have been working towards their science badge, making hot air balloons.

“They are a great group of children and we try and do a range of activities. We also go to camp at Waddecar every year as well,” said Tracy.

The Cub movement was founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1916, nine years after the foundation of the Scouts, in order to cater for younger boys who were not old enough to join the scouts. The cubs taught a much simpler form of scouting, including the basic knotting techniques, basic first aid and tracking.




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