‘No job for four years - how can you help?’

Labour leader Ed Miliband visited Cleveleys, meeting traders and the public along Victoria Road West.

Labour leader Ed Miliband visited Cleveleys, meeting traders and the public along Victoria Road West.

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Labour leader Ed Miliband ran a gauntlet of questions when he made a pre-election visit to Cleveleys.

Mr Miliband was in the seaside town on Tuesday to campaign with his party’s local candidates ahead of tomorrow’s Lancashire County Council election.

He spoke to traders and passers by on Victoria Road West before delivering a speech and holding a question and answer session with an assembled crowd – on issues including education, unemployment and fracking.

During his question and answer session Mr Miliband was heckled by a 44-year-old man, who said he had been jobless for four years and had a disabled wife to support.

Addressing him, Mr Miliband said: “There’s plenty of work to be done if we have the political will to do it.

“If elected Prime Minister I would get you working again and that’s a promise I’m making to you.”

Speaking to Weekly News on the subject of fracking Mr Miliband said he was aware it was a controversial subject for Fylde coast voters.

He said: “I think we’ve got to look really carefully about this. There’s strong local feeling and we’ve got to look at, and investigate, the issue very seriously.”

Following revelations last week about the huge difference between the number of hotels up for sale in Blackpool and Brighton, Mr Miliband said he believes more investment is needed in the resort – but refused to be drawn on whether he believed there was presently an economic north-south divide.

He said: “There are disparities all across the country and we’ve got to do as much as we can to regenerate areas like Blackpool, but we’ve got to get the economy going first to do that.”

Responding to Mr Miliband’s visit Paul Maynard, Tory MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, said: “Labour had their chance to regenerate Blackpool, but they failed by not giving us a casino nor giving us a Plan B.

“Ed Miliband might promise one man a job, but his welfare policies will do nothing to get those who want to work back to work.”