Manhunt for house raid puppy thieves

Richie, a four month old sausage dog, is believed to have been stolen from a Carleton home after it was broken into on Monday, March 18. 
Vandals also spray painted the home and stole an iPad, iPhone 5 and two laptops.

Richie, a four month old sausage dog, is believed to have been stolen from a Carleton home after it was broken into on Monday, March 18. Vandals also spray painted the home and stole an iPad, iPhone 5 and two laptops.

Thieves ransacked a young couple’s home in an orgy of destruction – before stealing their beloved puppy.

Plumber Marc Rose, 26, came home from work on Monday lunchtime to find two laptops, other electrical items and a gold watch had been stolen.

Bedrooms and stairs were also daubed with spray-paint.

Mr Rose immediately searched for four-month old pedigree dachsund Richie, who was bought as a Christmas present for girlfriend Jade Earley, but he was nowhere to be found.

Police suspect the raiders stole the dog – who cost £900 – from the conservatory, where he was kept during the day,

before escaping.

The traumatised couple, of Tudor Close, Carleton,

today made an emotional appeal to the thieves to return Richie as they continued to pound the streets day and night looking for him.

Mr Rose said: “It’s sick. “It’s like taking a child because he’s been a massive part of the family for the last four months and now he’s gone.

“I don’t mind the other things being taken, but not my dog. I’m seething with anger, but that’s not getting me anywhere.

“We’d been talking about getting a dog for a long time, and we thought long and hard about getting one.

“He was beautiful when I first saw him and we are devastated.

“I just hope we get some justice and they go to prison because that’s what they deserve.”

Richie would have been unable to get out of the conservatory without someone opening the door.

The front door was also closed when Mr Rose came home meaning Richie could not have escaped of his own accord.

Miss Earley, 24, a beauty manager at Tesco on Clifton Road, Blackpool, says the couple have notified the RSPCA and dog kennels on the Fylde coast and looked for Richie in places where they usually walk him.

She added: “It’s the worst possible thing imaginable.

“You would think someone coming into your house is bad enough, but nothing compares to them taking your dog.

“It’s awful.

“He’s small and is nervous around people anyway, so he would’ve been scared and tried to hide behind the couch to get away.

“We’ve been everywhere we can think of and it’s just a complete worry.”

As well as the laptop, gold watch, an iPhone 5 and an iPad were also taken.

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating a burglary and the theft of a dog from a house in Carleton.

“I urge anyone with information to contact police directly on 101.”


It goes without saying The Gazette covers some pretty sickening crimes throughout the course of a year.

Today’s front page is up there with the most cold-hearted and callous.

Carelton plumber Marc Rose came home from work on

Monday to find his home had been broken into.

Together with electrical items and jewellery stolen – usual fare for burglars – the family home was daubed with graffiti as paint was left sprayed across pictures and walls.

One thing not left behind though was the newest addition to the Rose family – beloved four-month-old puppy Richie.

Marc and girlfriend Jade Earley have been left heartbroken.

As Marc tells us today, the electrical items can be replaced, the walls of their home can be redecorated, but the theft of Richie is what has hit them hardest.

“It’s sick and it’s not right,” said Marc, “I’m seething with


It is totally understandable.

Burglary is bad enough, many homeowners who have fallen victim say they never get over the feeling of invasion of their homes.

But to steal the family pet is below contempt.

The Gazette has covered several of these crimes over the last few years, where living, breathing things are taken by thieves as if inanimate objects.

Where some of us will see a cute puppy, others see something they can sell on for 10 quid down the street.

Marc and Jade have spent the last 48 hours visiting local

kennels and the RSPCA in a bid to spread the word their dog has been stolen.

They are desperate for Richie to return home.

And this is where the public can help.

The thugs who did this must be caught and, as Marc says, be brought to justice.

And so we today, through the pages of The Gazette, appeal for anyone out there who may know anything of this crime to call the police.

The thieves must be caught

and let’s hope little Richie can soon be reunited with his

heartbroken owners.




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