Joint efforts to beat anti-social behaviour

On the beat with Inspector Nigel Greenwood
On the beat with Inspector Nigel Greenwood

WE know that anti-social behaviour – such as litter, dog fouling, damaged property, noisy neighbours and general nuisance behaviour – can really affect a person’s day to day life, which is why we are working really hard to combat it.

Reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in this area were down 12 per cent last year. What this means is that there were less than two incidents of ASB per ward per day and less than one damage offence every three days per ward in Fleetwood. These are the lowest levels in many years.

We have achieved these results by working closely with you and our partner agencies such as the councils, housing associations like Regenda and Places for People, Youth Offending Teams to target offenders. We also look at providing diversionary activities for youngsters so that they have something constructive to do and don’t become bored – thus causing trouble as a means of entertaining themselves.

Alcohol can often be a trigger for ASB – last year we seized well over 500 litres of alcohol from young people drinking in public places. This has had a huge impact on reducing ASB. We are monitoring who we take it from and, in addition to involving parents, anyone caught on a third occasion will face going to court. Residents in the Mount Ward area have raised concerns about ASB in the neighbourhood and we have been able to identify the people responsible and take action against them. It is really important that if you have any concerns or worries that you mention them to your neighbourhood police team – together we can get results.

On a separate issue, there has been a spate of bikes being stolen in Fleetwood – often because they have been left outside or being kept in unlocked sheds. The message is simple, lock it or lose it! If our neighbourhood teams see an unlocked, unattended bike they will be securing it with a cable lock to stop it being stolen. When the owners contact us they will have it returned – and they will get to keep the lock!