Hope for Amy after loss

Brave Amy Wolstenholme meets Father Christmas.
Brave Amy Wolstenholme meets Father Christmas.

A mother has spoken of her hopes for a brighter 2014 after losing her father and watching her daughter struggle with the affects of meningitis.

Jade Wolstenholme, 25, said she is looking forward to the future after a tough year.

The mum-of-two lost her father in May as she was struggling to cope with her three-year-old daughter’s frequent trips to hospital.

The timing could not have been worse.

Numerous trips to Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital are almost a weekly occurrence for Jade and her daughter, Amy, who was diagnosed with meningitis in 2010.

Jade, of Ravens Close, Poulton, said: “We’ve had a rough ride with Amy and my dad dying, and we are struggling.

“We are in and out of hospital but looking forward to the new year but it’s difficult because Amy will need a new leg when she outgrows the one she has.

“My dad was a big help and being without him is a constant worry.”

Jade found a rash on Amy’s body in December 2010 and within hours the tiny baby was being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

Her left leg had to be amputated when the disease spread across her body and left her covered in scars.

Amy has undergone 50 operations since she bravely beat the disease and has been fitted with a prosthetic limb.

Anthony, of Marchwood Road, Grange Park, died aged 51 in May, but Jade says both Amy and her son Connor, eight, have helped her.

Jade added: “My sister has been helping me but Amy is very hands on and it’s always a worry with her going in and out of hospital.

“I cry quite a lot but Amy always comes over and tells me not to cry and that she’s here for me.

“I have my ups and downs but I’m all right.

“I feel like I’m not living for me, I’m living for them and I have just got to keep going for my kids.

“All I’m hoping for is to settle down in 2014 and not have anymore bad things happen to me.”

This year has seen Amy overcome fears her right leg would have to be amputated because the limb was not strong enough to support her and kept breaking.

However, she has battled back to health, but the new year will see Jade and Amy make more trips to hospital as the three-year-old continues her recovery.

Jade added: “I didn’t think I would be sat here without my dad this Christmas, and I just don’t know what’s round the corner.

“I’ve spent the last two Christmas Days in hospital with Amy and now my dad’s gone.

“You’re supposed to spend time with your family at Christmas but things keep going wrong.

“I would love to call my dad for help but he isn’t here anymore.”

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