Fleetwood’s new £5.4m school

This gleaming new building is the culmination of a massive £5.4m investment at Charles Saer Primary School in Fleetwood.

Pupils and staff are now settling into the Grange Road school after arguably the most ambitious of all the new building improvements at Fleetwood’s primary schools.

A look round the new school building and facilities at Charles Saer school.

A look round the new school building and facilities at Charles Saer school.

The Primary Capital Programme in Lancashire has seen £21m spent on all seven schools over the last couple of years, in what has been the biggest ever spending scheme involving the town’s primary schools.

Many of these building schemes have been ambitious, but Charles Saer is the only school to be totally re-built from scratch, after the demolition of the old premises in April this year.

Charles Saer head teacher Carolyn Thackway told the Weekly News: “We’re absolutely delighted with the school.

“We were very lucky with timing - it was being built at a time when we were able to play a part in a designing it ourselves. Schools won’t get that chance in future.

“It is bespoke school which we have been able to tailor to our own specific requirements, and that makes it all the better. And it is very high spec – the quality is first class.”

The school, which has 279 pupils including the nursery, also benefited by having a spare £150,000 within its own budget, set aside for internal refurbishments. This meant that the school has been able to buy a whole range of new , state-of-the art furnishing for the entire school, without having to use old items from the previous building.

Fleetwood was identified as a relatively deprived area by County Hall, hence the scale of the school building scheme in Fleetwood – the biggest primary school project in the entire county.

And Charles Sear was pinpointed as the school which had the biggest building issue; the old premises included rooms which had no proper heating in winter and it was no longer fit for purpose.

The new design allows the nursery to be located next to the reception class, forming one complete foundation stage unit. Previously the nursery was at the opposite end of the school from reception.

Key staff at the school, such as the behaviour support assistant, family support worker and the literacy and numeracy intervention worker, each have their own rooms.

The multipurpose school hall has underfloor heating.

There is a special multi-games area which means youngsters playing games don’t get in the way of other children during play time.

The school’s playing field has been relaid to high level specifications which has totally transformed it.

There is a state-of the art kitchen facility for the schools breakfast club and cookery lessons.

And in the school itself, corridors have been sound-proofed. This means that although the children can be clearly seen due to the glass features, the school itself is quiet and calm.

Mrs Thackway said: “It creates a much calmer atmosphere which is much better for a learning environment.

“The children are thrilled. They want the school to stay pristine and don’t want to see the walls marked or stained. They have so much pride in their school, which is lovely to see.”