Firefighters tackle huge blaze

Picture by National Police Service helicopter
Picture by National Police Service helicopter

Residents on a new Fleetwood housing estate looked on in 
astonishment as a huge inferno raged close to their 

More than 50 firefighters from Fleetwood, Blackpool, Bispham, Wesham, St Annes and South Shore were needed to battle the blaze, which broke out at warehouse on Jameson Road at around 6.40pm on Saturday.

Picture by National Police Service helicopter

Picture by National Police Service helicopter

After firefighters tackled the blaze, thick clouds of black smoke that could be seen up to 30 miles away filled the air and residents at a nearby caravan park were advised to stay indoors.

One 51 year old resident at another group of nearby homes, on the Harbour Village estate, said some of the smoke got into her home despite windows being closed.

The woman, who did not wish to be named said: “I didn’t realise what was happening until my daughter came home on Saturday night.

“I had been at the other side of the house and didn’t notice, even though it was massive blaze. The following day my eyes were streaming and I had a sore throat. We don’t know what was in the fire.

“I was amazed to see people parking on our main street, Windward Avenue, so they could take a closer look even though they had been advised to stay away.”

The site belongs to clean energy firm Reform Energy and communications manager Chris Nelson said: “The plastic that was being stored there had a substantial value, and the building itself has been destroyed. With the remedial costs on top of that it’s likely to push beyond the £300,000 point. We will be in contact with our insurers.”

The baled plastic, which was being stored at the warehouse temporarily, has been left to burn out in a controlled state, with fire crews maintaining a presence at the scene.

Reform Energy chief executive John Potter said: “The fire is contained within the site so it does not pose a hazard and security personnel will be on duty to control access.

“We regret any inconvenience caused to people by the smoke and fire and the road closures and have appreciated their co-operation. We are thankful there have been no injuries or loss of life as a result of the fire.

“Lancashire Fire and Rescue have been hugely professional in the way they dealt with the fire

“Air quality monitoring will also be carried out.”

Fleetwood fire station confirmed the fire will be left to burn in a controlled state for several days.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service manager Mark Winder said: “We are holding regular discussions with Wyre Council, the Environment Agency and police and it has been decided that we will allow the fire to burn out in a controlled way. This is the safest way to deal with this sort of material.”