Drink drive horror crash outside pub

Drink driving: The Dickens Pub, Cleveleys, where the collision happened. Below, Christopher Lancaster

Drink driving: The Dickens Pub, Cleveleys, where the collision happened. Below, Christopher Lancaster

A woman was run over by her own car after it was driven by a drunken friend, a court was told.

Christopher Lancaster was jailed after he appeared in court following the horror crash.

His female friend needed surgery to fix four leg fractures after he got behind the wheel of her car outside the Dickens Pub in Cleveleys.

Preston Crown Court heard Lancaster had climbed into the passenger seat of the Ford Fiesta, but changed his mind moments later after believing his friend was too drunk to drive – even though he was over the limit himself.

As he reversed, he ended up knocking down his friend who had been walking around the rear of the vehicle to get to the passenger seat.

The court heard the victim had got within a metre of the passenger door when the car moved backwards at speed.

She ended up trapped between the kerb and the car, screamed out and fell to the ground.

Prosecutors said the woman had to undergo complex surgery to fit plates and rods to her broken bones.

Lancaster, 25, of Homestead Drive, Fleetwood, was jailed for 13 months after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving, driving with excess alcohol, driving without insurance and driving not in accordance with a licence.

The court heard the accident took place on September 26, last year.

Lancaster and his victim were friends and had gone out drinking together after leaving her Fiesta on a car park at Derby Road East.

Prosecutors said the pair were very drunk while sat in the Dickens pub bar, but were not drinking.

The landlord told the defendant to turn down the loud music on his mobile phone.

Lancaster became abusive and said to the woman “Come on, we’re leaving”.

The victim apologised for her friend’s behaviour.

A nearby resident who happened to be looking out of his window at the time saw the pair walking towards the Fiesta on the Derby Road East car park. The witness thought they were drunk.

Lancaster got into the front passenger seat, but went on to climb into the driver’s seat.

As the victim got within a metre of the passenger door the car moved backwards at speed, trapping her.

“She recalls being dragged to the floor and thought the car had run over her leg twice”, said Lisa Worsley, for the prosecution.

“She lay in agony, calling out the defendant’s name. After that she had no clear recollection of events.”

Lancaster went on to say at the scene: “It’s my fault. I have done it”.

When officers arrived he was given a breath test and his alcohol reading was almost three times over the legal limit for driving.

The injured woman has been left with two scars as a result of surgery.

She is now more nervous since the accident, the court was told.

She spent six days in hospital and has apparently been told to expect to have pain for the rest of her working life.

Julie Taylor, defending, said Lancaster had pleaded guilty at the earliest stage. He immediately admitted at the scene that the accident was his fault.

“There was never any way he was going to evade prosecution. He didn’t flee the scene, as many others would have done.”

The pair had been friends at school and more recently, had rekindled the friendship.

Both became drunk that day.

The woman had been taking prescribed medication and the Lancaster went on to decide he was better equipped to drive than she was.

“He took a stupid decision to drive the vehicle”, added Miss Taylor.

“It is something he regrets bitterly. He had no malicious intent.

“It was purely an accident. If only he could turn back time is his view on the matter”.

Lancaster was also given a three-year driving ban.


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