Dog fouling clamp down

Dog fouling clamp down
Dog fouling clamp down

HIGH visibility patrolling of popular dog walking routes will be soon be in force to tackle those responsible for allowing their dogs to foul the pavements.

Wyre Council’s new Dog Control Orders, aimed at reducing dog related anti social behaviour, come into force soon and top of the list is clamping down on those who don’t pick up after their dogs.

Dog owner and local businesswoman Angela Carr says the situation is out of control, particularly on the Mount, which she says is like a mine field.

She said: “There are bins everywhere, there is no excuse for it.

“The paths on the Mount are particularly bad, and children play there too - they are just littered with it.

“I’ve stood in it before now and had to get in the car and drive home before being able to clean my shoes properly and I know mums who have walked through it with their prams getting it on the pram wheels. It’s disgusting and needs stopping. If it carries on, they might close the Mount to dog walkers and the part of the beach which is still open, how would people feel then?

Another area which is a prime spot for dog fouling is the Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve. The area is very popular with dog walkers but is equally popular with those who evade their responsibilities.

One Fleetwood resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “Considering it’s supposed to be a nature reserve, the amount of dog muck there is unbelievable.

“We walk our dog around the perimeter of the marsh, as do many others, and its full of deposits. They think because it’s rough grassland, it won’t be noticed. And the path which acts as a bridge over the lake is full of it.

A Wyre Council spokesperson said that the seafront in Fleetwood is a hot spot for dog fouling and both the promenade and The Mount will be targeted by officers in the coming weeks whilst promoting responsible dog ownership across the borough.

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